Pilates Center Badalona

Horarios y precios

Abierto de lunes a viernes. Contáctanos y te informaremos de los horarios.

Las clases tienen una duración de 55 minutos.

Clase de prueba: 46€ 38€ (18% dto.)

Pack mensual 4 sesiones (1 clase por semana): 185€

Pack mensual 8 sesiones (2 clase por semana): 348€

At QPILATES we want you to find your moment. Time to learn to control the movement and get a strong and flexible body.

The best way to know what this method can bring you is to come to a trial class.

Private trial class €38

If you have never done Pilates before, in this session you will learn, with a teacher just for you, to use the equipment, to correctly engage the abdominal muscles and the basic exercises of the system. In this way, you will be able to follow a group class with greater fluidity.

Where to find us

Nuestro estudio está situado en el centro de Badalona:

Carrer del Rector
08912 Badalona

Transporte: Metro Pompeu Fabra L2 (5 minutos a pie)

Contact solo por email o teléfono para pedir cita.