Pilates Center Badalona

Private classes designed for the specific needs of each client. Our equipment: Reformer, Classic Mat, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, Foot Corrector, Magic Cercle,

Private classes 55 min. duration.

Schedule and prices

Open from Monday to Friday. Contact us to check time available.

Trial class: 46€

Single class 50€

Monthly membership 4 classes (1 class per week): 190€

Monthly membership 8 classes (2 classes per week): 350€

At QPILATES we want you to find your moment. Time to learn to control the movement and get a strong and flexible body.

The best way to know what this method can bring you is to come to a trial class.

Private trial class 46€

In this session you will learn, how to use the equipment, to correctly engage the abdominal muscles and the basic exercises of the system.

Where to find us

Nuestro estudio está situado en el centro de Badalona:

Carrer del Rector
08912 Badalona

Transporte: Metro Pompeu Fabra L2 (5 minutos a pie)

Contact solo por email o teléfono para pedir cita.