Pilates in 4 people groups

Pilates in small groups

Groups of 5 people with equipment

Classes of 55 minutes in groups of only 5 people. There are different levels depending on the knowledge and experience that each client has of the Pilates Method. It is also suitable for improving the quality of movement in case of certain pathologies.

We work on the Reformer, Barra Tower and Mat, using accessories such as Small Barrel, Magic Circle, Jump Board to challenge or facilitate the execution of the exercises. The teacher guides and corrects the position of each client throughout the class. Proper execution of each exercise is the key to success for progress in the System.
Pilates Basic Pack

Pilates Basic Pack

To get started in a group basic knowledge of the method is required. If you have never practiced Pilates before, you need an introductory pack of 3 individual classes where you will learn the exercises, movements, basic concepts of the system, operation of the machines, breathing and a minimum of knowledge, to follow the group class with fluency.

Come for a Trial Class!

At QPILATES we want you to find your moment. Time to learn to control the movement and get a strong and flexible body.

The best way to know what this method can bring you is to come to a trial class. We offer two options:

Group trial class €21,90

If you have done Pilates before, come to a group class so we can see your level. From Monday to Friday only.

Private trial class €41,90

If you have never done Pilates before, in this session you will learn, with a teacher just for you, to use the equipment, to correctly engage the abdominal muscles and the basic exercises of the system. In this way, you will be able to follow a group class with greater fluidity. From Monday to Friday.
Private trial class during weekend or public holidays price 60€