Pilates Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pilates for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fantastic time where many body changes at all levels occur in a very short time. Therefore, it is important to follow proper training to adapt to the changes that this stage entails.

Classes for pregnant women at QPILATES are sessions designed and adapted to each trimester of pregnancy. We accompany expectant mothers to connect with breathing and take control of their own bodies. It is ideal in order to keep the body strong, a pelvic floor prepared for childbirth and a physical condition that allows for rapid recovery during postpartum.


Postpartum is a period full of emotional uncertainty, very different sensations and where the body undergoes a series of almost immediate physical changes to return to the pre-pregnancy state. Ignorance, the rush to regain the figure and the need to feel good, often leads to unhealthy practices that seriously damage the pelvic floor.

At QPILATES we give the same importance to this stage as in pregnancy, because an optimal recovery of the deep muscles translates into a strong body and mind, toned body without the risk of injury or sequelae due to the weight of the pregnancy. With the right practice in each case, we work with different devices during the session to regain fitness and emotional health in a short time.

Come for a Trial Class!

At QPILATES we want you to find your moment. Time to learn to control the movement and get a strong and flexible body.

The best way to know what this method can bring you is to come to a trial class. We offer two options:

Group trial class €21,90

If you have done Pilates before, come to a group class so we can see your level.

Private trial class €41,90

If you have never done Pilates before, in this session you will learn, with a teacher just for you, to use the equipment, to correctly engage the abdominal muscles and the basic exercises of the system. In this way, you will be able to follow a group class with greater fluidity.